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Our facility operates with the most advanced ultrasound imaging system, Accuvix A30. Our equipment features 3D/4D enhanced performance and HD quality. Enhanced hardware and newly added software improve the color performance of your baby’s image. It makes for a great way to get to know your baby.

Black Diamond Screen

Our theatre room is designed with a large 80-inch projection screen called the Black Diamond. Our projection screen is not just an ordinary screen, but is designed to reject any light. Most offices need a dark room for a complete session, but the Black Diamond projection screen eliminates the need for a dark space and allows projection to exist in bright areas. We want our guests to be comfortable and enjoy each moment, and the Black Diamond helps make that happen.

Skype Sessions

Sweet Pea also offers live Skype sessions. Our camera is designed to rotate 360 degrees to be able to see the baby and our guests. Family members and friends from afar can take part in meeting your baby.